Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not Food

For times when you aren't sure, or you're just too hungry and your judgement is clouded, here is a list of some things that are considered not to be food. Keep in mind, there are many more times in the world than I have space for describing as not food, so this list isn't complete.

*Paper is not food.

*The lint in the dryer after the load is done, while warm and it smells nice, it is not food.

*The container of heavy whipping cream that has been in the fridge for so long that it is no longer liquid but a large gelatinous cube, is not food. It was at one time, but don't be confused it isn't anymore.

*Likewise, a Skittle crushed in the waffle of your shoe is no longer food.

*A CD with a picture of food on it is not food.

*The gunk that has dripped down into the bottom of the refridgerator is not food.

*The little burrs that can be pulled off of a dog after it has walked through the woods are not food.

*An old sock, even though it is full of flavor, is not food.

*Urinal cakes are not food. I know, I know, they have cake in the name, but they're really not food.

*Pine needles, not food.

*The cotton ball in a bottle of tylenol, is not a delicious snack to eat while you get rid of your headache.

*Fake food is not food.

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