Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Empty Space

There is an empty space in my head that consumes everything that comes near it. This black hole of brain space is hungrier than all the hippos in all the Hungry Hungry Hippos games that ever were. However, on occasion, the brain finds something to reject and needs to purge. This is where the process of creation begins. The power to create and destroy worlds begins in the empty space. And who's to say that in some corner of the universe or in one of those empty spaces a world is not born or destroyed with a thought. I'm thinking of a world populated only by pink elephants. They are all named Jim, except for one who is blue and calls himself Carl. There, now the world is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered. Oh wait, it was just hit by a super mega asteroid. It's gone now, back into the darkness. It's components have retreated into the empty space.

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