Saturday, January 20, 2007

The World of Tomorrow

I have seen the world of tomorrow and it is strange indeed. The arrival of martians will spark some of the greatest advances in human history, but it will also bring great tragedy. The first martian mission will come as a delegation of peace. The populous will hijack their alien technology and explore the galaxy, stealing other sources of technology as they go. This will go on for years until finally, the universal explorers cross the wrong alien race.

The Gummi Trolls are not as unforgiving as they would seem, given their delicious appearance. Their merciless tactics of war leave a swath of destruction across the galaxy. Eventually they find their way back to Earth and decimate much of the populous. The rest flee into the colonies, forming rag tag bands of rebel fighters that strive to restore some of humanity's stature on Earth and other worlds. But alas, they are unorganized and deprived of the necessary equipment. Their attempts, while valiant, are wrought with failure.

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