Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Green Revolution

The Green Baby revolution spread swiftly and without warning. "Green Babies Rule!" was scrawled in homes and printed in newspapers around the globe.

The message said it all. They had come to take over, and their would be no stopping them. Their mark, a tiny hand print done in green finger paint began to appear in the towns and cities. Buildings bearing this mark were soon decimated by the Green Baby Army, reduced to a pile of crumbled brick and smouldering diapers.

The people tried to resist, but they were incapacitated by the babies' giggles and coos. Governments toppled, that is...until The Sitter of Babies arrived from the planet Nannymous 6 and restored order once more.


Wifey said...

Cute baby, who is the totally cute, non-green mother?

Matt Warnock said...

Why you are, of course.

MRB said...

Who is this Sitter of Babies?

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled to announce the launch of

The Green Generation's Baby DVD


Green Baby is an inspirational DVD created for parents to enjoy bonding with their children while encouraging an appreciation for Mother Nature.

It's simply about raising awareness, which starts in the home with family and friends.

This DVD features babies playing in nature while interacting with fun and colourful animation.

The soundtrack is composed of peaceful world music from different cultures with toddler's voices delivering positive and uplifting messages about peace, love, joy and harmony.

Green Baby is just a baby-step towards encouraging our children to embrace and love our planet...the rest is up to them.


Davina said...

Good post.